first day of preschool- 9/5/2012. next year kindergarten

first day of preschool last year- 3.5 years old (still my baby)

first day of preschool this year- 4.5 years old (now a big boy, sniff)


catch up…

i know that i have failed at my goal for this year to post something often for family to read and a yearbook for my kids. to sum up late spring to summer would be this: camping for the first time with kids in a yurt, rose parade, family visiting, lincoln city beach, cabin in the mountains, micah’s first experience fishing with daddy, more family visiting, whooping cough (yuck), watching the olympics, alberta street festival and swim lessons.

i have recommitted to adding more pictures and posts weekly even if it’s a simple picture to capture the day.

here are some of my favorite photos from the past several months…

the ordinary of life that should never be taken for granted.

It’s easy for life to start to feel mundane.

To feel caught on a continuous spinning wheel of wake up, breakfast, off to preschool, lunch, a load of laundry, the dishes, vacuum, dinner, bath time, pajamas and toothbrushes, story time and bed.

Yes, wheels within very ordinary wheels is how many days can feel.


Until someone you love gets a diagnosis you hate.

Someone who is woven into your story so tight you can feel their rug ripped out from under them.

Someone who has been in your life for so long gets their world turned upside down which turns your world upside down.

Dirty dishes, dirty laundry, messy kids, bills and leaking roofs that were once a nuisance to you are embraced because they are the ordinary and simple things of life. To a person who is in the fight of her life these are things she wishes she could worry about.

I have always tried to remember to live each and every day to the fullest because I know that I am not guaranteed my next breath, but in recent weeks it has truly hit home.

Every day I embrace my daughter’s whiny cries when she wants something or doesn’t want to do something (have her diaper changed), my son asking a hundred times to go and play with his friend, the continuous cycle of washing a sink full of dishes and yes, even the dog peeing all over our rug in the dining room.

I choose to embrace these things and not take them for granted because in the blink of an eye your world can be turned upside down.

valentine’s day and houses

so a year ago today stan bought us a house for valentine’s day. the night before (february 14, 2011) he stood outside the two houses we were trying to decide on to see what the neighborhood was like at night. i told him that houses look completely different at night then they do during the day when you are touring them.

he remembers the neighborhood of our house at night being quiet and peaceful but at the same time full of young families walking around.

wow, i can’t believe 1 year has already gone by since we bought this house! it was definitely an act of faith on God and Stan to find the best house for our family and they did!

child like faith

i am have been learning a lot about faith through my son. yesterday, i was taking micah to preschool and he said ‘mommy i just prayed to God’ and i said oh what did you tell him and he said ‘i asked God to move the clouds away and bring in the sun’. i told him that sometimes God wants us to have the rain and clouds because we need it more than the sun. i said this so that he wouldn’t be disappointed if the sun didn’t make it’s appearance.

a couple of hours later when i was on my way to pick micah up from preschool the sun came out! every single time that micah has prayed for God to move the clouds away so the sun can come out, it happened!

i recently had been stressing out about micah’s schooling that is in two years. yes, i said two years and i’m already stressing out. there are so many options- entering the lottery for a good public school, lottery for a good public charter school, his neighborhood school (that isn’t so great), the high cost of private school or homeschool. i know that all of this is out of my control and that since God made micah he knows what is best for him.

as i saw the clouds moving away and the sun coming out this verse popped in mind matthew 6:26- ‘look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. are you not much more valuable than they?’

i seek and desire to have the faith of my child-