the ordinary of life that should never be taken for granted.

It’s easy for life to start to feel mundane.

To feel caught on a continuous spinning wheel of wake up, breakfast, off to preschool, lunch, a load of laundry, the dishes, vacuum, dinner, bath time, pajamas and toothbrushes, story time and bed.

Yes, wheels within very ordinary wheels is how many days can feel.


Until someone you love gets a diagnosis you hate.

Someone who is woven into your story so tight you can feel their rug ripped out from under them.

Someone who has been in your life for so long gets their world turned upside down which turns your world upside down.

Dirty dishes, dirty laundry, messy kids, bills and leaking roofs that were once a nuisance to you are embraced because they are the ordinary and simple things of life. To a person who is in the fight of her life these are things she wishes she could worry about.

I have always tried to remember to live each and every day to the fullest because I know that I am not guaranteed my next breath, but in recent weeks it has truly hit home.

Every day I embrace my daughter’s whiny cries when she wants something or doesn’t want to do something (have her diaper changed), my son asking a hundred times to go and play with his friend, the continuous cycle of washing a sink full of dishes and yes, even the dog peeing all over our rug in the dining room.

I choose to embrace these things and not take them for granted because in the blink of an eye your world can be turned upside down.


One thought on “the ordinary of life that should never be taken for granted.

  1. Enjoy reading your blog and especially love that you are embracing and enjoying the mundane everyday things that define life. We really do miss them when the unexpected happens and all we want is that normal everyday routine.

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