precious moments going by too fast

my mom recently told me that as you get older the years go by faster and faster.

when i was growing up i always seemed to look forward to the next chapter in my life forgetting to live in the chapter that i was currently in. in middle school i looked forward to high school then once in high school i was ready for college. after college, i was ready to get married and start my life with a family. once micah came i wanted to put the brakes on that chapter and freeze time.

i took in every second of micah being a baby and wanted to just stop time but i couldn’t. it seemed to being moving at warp speed. recently, i have been struggling more so than before. i can’t believe that a year ago we had sold our house in texas, our move was upon us and isabela was just barely two months old. now, she is almost 14 months old, running, growing up too fast and come april we will have our one year anniversary of being in portland. how in the world did that year go by so fast? i told micah that he had to stop growing and he said ‘mommy i have to keep growing’

i know he has to keep growing and so does isabela but i just want to keep my babies in my arms forever. i just want to freeze this stage in their lives were they love spending time with stan and me, they love our hugs and kisses and they love our snuggle times at night.

my first baby is not a baby anymore, he’s not a toddler, and he’s not even a little boy anymore. he’s a big 4 year old boy.


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