Micah and Isabela’s first snow experience!

I think i was more excited about the snow coming than the kids! it started snowing Tuesday night, (January 17th) and it snowed all night. it started around 8 pm and was still snowing when we went to bed at midnight. It was so cool to see the snow falling and covering the streets, the recycle bins and our cars. There is something so magical about the snow falling at night. The night so bright with the white everywhere, it was so quiet and peaceful.  i wanted to wake up Micah but i decided to just let him sleep. The next morning before Isabela woke up, Micah and i were outside playing in the snow. It was now coming down as rain so I decided to make the snowman before everything melted and before Isabela woke up. I was running inside and outside, making homemade waffles and a snowman (you know a typical morning). It was nice to spend that one on one time with Micah. He attempted to make a snow angel, we tossed snow at each other and he splashed in the wet sludgy snow/water puddles.

When Isabela got her first experience of the snow she didn’t know what to think. She touched it and wasn’t happy that it was so cold.

Micah and I were sad when the snow melted but it was fun to experience an actual winter and snow!


One thought on “Micah and Isabela’s first snow experience!

  1. fun times!! I can’t believe we haven’t had any snow! Might be the first year since I have lived in Atlanta, that we won’t get any.

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